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Other Therapists

Julie Mattos
Julie is our essential oil educator, here at Path To Wellness Healing Center and Spa, empowering those interested in using natural products to help their bodies heal naturally.

We offer Aromatouch therapy, when applied to the spine and feet helped bring the body into homeostatsis. We can also meet 1 on 1 to discuss how best to support your body.

Julie can be reached at 760-497-3699

Mike Tenenberg
Mike is a therapist who is passionate about creating optimal health with his clients. He is well versed in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Structural Integration, Tui Na, and Thai massage. His main focus is working the client to allow their body to return to homeostatis and reduce daily issues.

After facing his own health issues, he realized that physical manipulation of the myo fascial structures of the body were paramount to moving from simply surviving into being able to thrive, and ever since has worked to share this with everyone that he can.

Alfredo Carrion
Professional massage therapist and holistic health practitioner with a mix training of western and oriental modalities, includeing; Thai, Shiatsu, reflexology, deep tissue, circulatory, sports, PJM, dynamic cupping and trigger point therapy.

Able to evaluate and identify specific musculoskeletal problems and take direct progressive action.


Kathleen McCabe
Kathleen McCabe is a certified Reiki Master, practicing since 2012.

Reiki, also known as “universal life force energy”, is a hands-on-body energy healing modality, with its origins in Japan. Reiki healing helps reduce stress, promotes relaxation, and re-energizes the body, mind and soul.

In a session, Kathleen channels the universal life force (REI) energy (KI) through the palm of the hands to the receiver's body, to enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Kathleen has a following here in Valley Center, as well as around the U.S., and the world. One client shares, "During my session I felt emotional release, while gaining strength and clarity. By the end of our session I felt self-love, calmness and balance." - Judy Sanders


David and Ann Day are a sibling team bringing energetic healing to Pauma Valley Country Club through Qi Gong and Reiki. David will be leading a Qi Gong class open to all on Sundays, and Ann will be offering one on one Reiki sessions by appointment.

David has over 20 years experience with Qi Gong, as he began training in the Tibetan style of Medical Qi Gong in Costa Rica in 2000. He continues to train weekly with his original Qi Gong Master. David is also a Reiki Master and has made several journeys to Indonesia to study and practice Reiki, meditation, and Qi Gong. David looks forward to sharing Qi Gong with the community.

Ann has been studying and working with energetic healing and meditation under the guidance of her Reiki Master since 2011. She began working with sound healing in 2018 and has found it to be transformative. Ann is a Reiki Practitioner and is currently working on becoming certified in Therapeutic Sound Healing. Ann has studied and practiced meditation and Reiki on journeys to Costa Rica, Indonesia, and The Esalen Institute in Big Sur. She looks forward to sharing the healing and relaxing benefits of Reiki and vibrational healing with sound.

David and Ann are residents of Pauma Valley and find the peaceful, tranquil valley a great place to further their practice.



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