Other Therapists

Julie Mattos
Julie is our essential oil educator, here at Path To Wellness Healing Center and Spa, empowering those interested in using natural products to help their bodies heal naturally.

We offer Aromatouch therapy, when applied to the spine and feet helped bring the body into homeostatsis. We can also meet 1 on 1 to discuss how best to support your body.

Julie can be reached at 760-497-3699

Kathleen McCabe
Kathleen McCabe is a certified Reiki Master, practicing since 2012.

Reiki, also known as “universal life force energy”, is a hands-on-body energy healing modality, with its origins in Japan. Reiki healing helps reduce stress, promotes relaxation, and re-energizes the body, mind and soul.

In a session, Kathleen channels the universal life force (REI) energy (KI) through the palm of the hands to the receiver's body, to enhance the body’s own natural healing abilities.

Kathleen has a following here in Valley Center, as well as around the U.S., and the world. One client shares, "During my session I felt emotional release, while gaining strength and clarity. By the end of our session I felt self-love, calmness and balance." - Judy Sanders

Jon D. Jensen, Iridologist, CMH
Jon is a Certified Iridologist who is dedicated to assisting his clients in obtaining the highest level of Optimal Wellbeing. He has many Certificates in Intermediate and Advanced Iridology classes from his grandfather, Dr. Bernard Jensen. Jon has been involved in holistic health for over 30 years with experience in iridology, nutrition, and personal self-development. You will receive a personalized analysis, a copy of my nutrition book, a copy of my daily food guide, my food protocol along with recommendations for a healthy lifestyle and follow-up sessions to assess your progress.

Jon is also a Certified Master Hypnotherapist (CMH) as taught by Dr. James Russell. Helping people with stress reduction, losing weight, smoking cessation, changing unwanted behaviors and past life regression. Chronic stress leads to inflammation and disease. Chronic stress is a major factor in our everyday lives. Life is so much more enjoyable when stress stops being a burden and is transformed into the incentive to be healthy, grow and develop.

Jon can be reached at 760-443-4285 jensenholistichealth@gmail.com


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