About Debbie

Born in Dufresne, Manitoba, Canada, Debbie made the migration to Southern California (like most smart Canadians...) in 1991. Her love for getting a massage inspired her to go to massage school. She was hooked and has since taken 3,500 hours of massage training.

She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and puts her focus on Therapeutic and Deep Tissue Massage.

Since discovering the therapeutic powers of massage and other healing modalities, Debbie has been passionate about helping others uncover the healthiest versions of themselves. Whether with her deep tissue massage, Ideal Protein Weight-Loss Protocol, or soothing foot baths, Debbie will help you relieve the stresses of work, trauma or simple everyday wear and tear.

"I will evaluate your individual health status, eliminate toxins and stress while rejuvenating your mind and body!"

Debbie has been a professional therapist since 2001 and has operated a several different locations in San Diego county. She moved to Valley Center in 2008 and now operates out of her current location a 28714 Valley Center Rd, Suite G in the The Courtyard.

Daniel Shubin HHP/NTS (holistic health practitioner/natural therapeutics specialist) is a longtime resident of Valley Center. Studying holistic and alternative medicine for nearly 40 years with some very talented local healers as well as some very famous natural healers and doctors.

Learning many modalities of massage and body work, cranio-sacral therapy, osteopathic non-specific stretches, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, iridology, nutritional counseling, tissue cleansing and too many others to list.

Using his go to therapy, Polarity, and mixing many diverse modalities with it together in a 60 to 90 minute treatment that will be custom made for your specific health issue or challenge.

People of all ages will benefit from a “Polarity treatment” that you will experience fully clothed in comfortable, loose fitting attire.

There is so much stress and strain in this fast paced world we live in and receiving treatments will help you re-align yourself with a lifestyle that will keep you centered and balanced.

Call 760 213 1952 for treatments and therapies at The Path to Wellness Healing Center and Spa

Isabell Parcelle
Isabell is an experienced Energy Worker and expert in mood balance through Bach Flower Essences. She catalyzes Your Energetic and Healing System to:
RECONNECT each body part
REBALANCE your body flow
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Fear
* Grief
* Repeating Pattern

Born near Durham, England, Isabell experienced a dream in 1996. She was shown that, as a long-time Energy Worker and Wellness Consultant, there was work for her to do in USA. She left her family, home, practice and country and followed that dream.

Isabell has an Education Degree, taught Food and Nutrition and believes in food-based health. She has Certifications in many wellness modalities - including Advanced Massage, Upledger Craniosacral Technique, Bowen Therapy, Mind Field Repatterning, Bach Flower Essences and Reiki.

With her experience and credentials, she was able to develop a successful wellness consulting practice, focussing on cutting edge technologies. Using her expertise in emotional balancing with Bach Flower Essences, she also spent time traveling the Western states, teaching an International course for the Bach Foundation.

Isabell is married to her Luiseno Indian husband, Robin and has wonderful families in the US and UK, with 3 adorable grandchildren. She feels privileged to be working at the Path to Wellness Center of her good friend Debbie Balfour.

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