True Cellular Detox

True Cellular Detox is designed to be an easy way to implement an effective nutrition and detoxification program. The entire program is about removing interference at a cellular level by regulating inflammation, and letting the body do the healing.

The program is divided into three phases:

1) "Prep Phase"
Opens and strengthens the major detox pathways: lymph, kidneys, liver and gut.

2) "Body Phase"
Will remove toxins at a cellular level. The process will support liver circulation, cellular cleansing, and mitochondrial energy levels.

3) "Brain Phase"
Will achieve the ultimate goal of nourishing and cleansing the brain and nerve tissue by using fat soluble "binders". During this phase deep cleansing and elimination of toxins from the cells will occur, along with antioxidant support for the cells for optimal brain health.

True Cellular Detox is a clinically proven strategy to fixing the cells and supporting the body's ability to heal itself.


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