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  Ozone Therapies

Ozone is chemically O3, which is an oxygen molecule with three atoms. When used in a treatment, the ozone releases one of its oxygen molecules into the blood and changes into a very stable form of oxygen.

Ozone Therapy:

  • Increases the delivery of oxygen to the cells
  • Increases oxygen utilization
    As we get older our cells become less able to efficiently use the oxygen it gets. Ozone therapy has been known for years to improve the ability of the cells to use the oxygen they get.
  • Stimulates cytokine function
    Helps with antibiotic resistance, used in conjunction with chemotherapy and has been shown to reduce some of the side effects.
  • Stimulates detoxification
    As we get older we start to lose the ability to effectively detoxify, the result is that toxins build up, with ozone it improves our ability to detoxify.
  • Pre-conditioning
    Pre-conditioning refers to treating a client with ozone therapy in a preventative fashion, before anything goes wrong. Increases oxygen delivery to cardiac and brain cells, improving circulation, increases oxygen utilization in cardiac and brain cells.

Ozone Therapy can be administered In several fashions.

Path to Wellness has a highly recommended Ozone Steam Sauna where a client sits in the steam sauna for 20-30 minutes.

We also use bagging when the condition involves an arm or leg such as a non healing wound, an infection, trauma or a rash. Can administer ozone to the ears as well, and cupping for small areas.


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